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During Wind and Rain
April 20, 2017 - April 23, 2017

The Argenta Community Theater and the Arkansas Repertory Theatre are pleased to announce the world premiere of During Wind and Rain, a musical drama written by Arkansas composer Michael Rice and Libretto by Margaret Jones Bolsterli, directed by Judy Trice, and produced by Vincent Insalaco and Judy Kohn Tenenbaum.

During Wind and Rain, a Delta Family Album: 1895-1900 is based on a true story inspired by the Thomas Hardy poem. It is set in Desha County, Arkansas, and a musical journal of the Joseph Hubbard Jones family, ancestors of Margaret Jones Bolsterli. The work covers a period of the Jones family when they are forced to negotiate and overcome the ill effects of a series of hardships. Both Rice and Bolsterli are personally drawn to this material as Southeast Arkansas natives, growing up in the Desha County town of Watson. It is a true window into a bygone Southern culture as seen through the viewpoint of one family, emotionally similar to Thornton Wilder's drama, OUR TOWN.

Argenta Community Theater
405 Main Street, North Little Rock
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