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Beer, Burgers and Bots
February 17, 2018
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

What is Beer Burgers and Bots? It’s a rip-roaring, side-splitting, fast paced robot wrestling competition! It’s a gladiatorial festival that celebrates the warrior-geek in all of us. It combines coding and programming, mechanical savvy, intelligent strategy, and sheer brute force all wrapped around a delicious hacker mindset. If you think you have what it takes to enter the Octagon and walk away with the ultimate prize, put your money where your mouth is! Come on down to the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub and show us what you’ve got!

This year Beer Brats and Bots is making a change. Not only will we be shifting to Beer BURGERS and Bots, but also, the game has changed!

This year, BBB will be a little different. Every year, you’ve asked for more action, more excitement and MORE POWER! So… the rules have changed:

1. This year, there is a $100 entry fee, your entry fee includes your very own BB Bot! That’s right, you get to keep your Bot. In fact, you can work on it at the Hub and work on it at home. Hey! Why not, you own it.
2. Teams will consist of no more than 4 members. Yes this is new.
3. What can you do with your BB Bot you may ask? Well… what CAN’T you do? Here are a few frequently asked questions:
Can I alter the code? YES!
Can I add a servo or two or nine? YES
Can my bot spit fluids, fire, and fury!!! NO! (Actually, we are okay with the fury part.)
Weapons may not melt, fly, detach, or stain.
Teams will be penalized 1 point per gram, up to 5 points, for detached parts, so build your bots well. No liquids, projectiles, fire, or any weapon that has a high risk of sending any kind of object outside of the arena when in use. Judges will determine if a weapon is too dangerous upon request or at final weigh in. Remember this is a spectator sport and the audience safety is foremost
You cannot have any from of deployable or tethered detachable. Any accessories that extends beyond the body of your robot must be a device with fine control and rigid construction on all parts over 3 inches in length. Acceptable robotic arm, unacceptable a flail.
Intentional or obvious destruction of the arena is unacceptable. You may roll, climb, jump, or otherwise move about.
Anchoring is allowed this year but keep in mind rule number four.
Between matches you may repair but not modify. Removal of parts is acceptable, replacement of parts is acceptable, but adding parts that were not originally on the robot is unacceptable.
Your robot must be 4lb or less and fit within one arena hex tile and be no taller than half the length of one hex.
Robots must move a minimum of 24 inches per match.
You must utilize all components of the original provided kit. No component on your robot may exceed an 18v at any given time.
Remember, during final inspection judges must be able to access or check all parts of your robot. No hiding components or sealed chambers.

You can register for BBB NOW! There is only room for 12 teams, so first come, first served. Tickets for spectators are $10 for early bird registration, $15 day of the event! Ages 6 and under are free. Your ticket price includes 1 food ticket + 2 beer tickets.

*Join us for 3rd Friday Art Night on January 19th to find out more. We will have an open discussion tonight at 6pm- this is your chance to give us your opinion! We will release the final set of rules on Monday based on your feedback. We look forward to seeing you! Teams will receive their very own BB Bots on Thursday February 1st and then the race is on!

Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub
204 E 4th St., North Little Rock
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