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Boos & Brews
November 7, 2018

New for 2018 is Boos & Brews. This is the walking tour but with a twist. We will be going into two of the haunted locations and doing some seance work in the style of Victorian seance mediums. Maybe something or someone will join us?

This two hour ghost tour will tell the stories of Argenta's history from the time of its founding through the rebirth and revival. How was Argenta founded? Why do some think it was cursed? will learn about the original buildings, most of which still stand, the stories connected to those buildings and the inhabitants, some of whom never left.

You will hear the story of Anastasia, who still haunts a location. See photos of the Argenta Devil. Another place has an unknown entity who has his favorite spot from which he never moves. You will visit the locations where the Argenta Race Riots happened and stand in the places where history was made.

We can’t guarantee you will see a ghost, but we have some pretty interesting photographs that people have captured and even a reportedly haunted artifact. You never know what you may see!


We will meet at the gazebo at the foot of the Main Street Bridge, at the intersection of Washington and Main, at the back of the US Bank building at Faucette Park. The tour will start promptly and we will leave from there.

Argenta Arts District
201 E. Broadway St., North Little Rock
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