Riverfront Steakhouse


(501) 375-7825

Named one of the best steakhouses in America by Thrillist. The dinner menu is upscale, featuring USDA prime steak. They are first heavily salted and peppered and then placed in the infra-red broiler oven and seared. When almost done, they are removed from the infra-red broiler oven, basted in butter, then placed back in the oven on the serving plate. At this point, the juices in the meat break down the salt and pepper, creating a basted “crust” which is slowly dissolved by the heated butter and drawn into the meat, resulting in the desired (and distinctive) flavor. Once the meat reaches your cooking instructions (that is, rare, medium-rare, etc.), it is removed from the oven and served at 300 degrees (the plate is even hotter).