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12-ounce bags of ground coffee, responsibly sourced then roasted in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

About Leivas Coffee: “By making an educated decision about your coffee purchase, you are helping to stop the current cycle of exploitation in the coffee business and providing opportunity where it hasn’t been seen before. The power of empowerment in Education, water and Nutrition is amplified when we lock arms together to help each other! We are passionate about the land and its families, that’s why we reinvest a portion of all our proceeds back into the communities of rural Guatemala to help improved quality of life and nurture the hopes and dreams of future generations.”

Abuela Reina (medium roast): medium roast with a bold flavor, it is named for our family’s matriarch, Reina Leiva. This signature nutty and earthy roast is made with 100% single-origin Arabica beans for a full-bodied, complex and rich flavor. Reina means Queen in Spanish. Abuela Reina was our inspiration for our logo, the crown. She is an incredible woman of God and her passion and love is felt through every square inch of our farm. She is the reason why we named our most flavorful and amazing coffee after her. Enjoy our Abuela Reina Medium roast on Chemex or French Press.

Abuelo Fuerte (dark roast): Featuring a full-bodied, rich flavor, this bold roast bears many of the characteristics for which the coffee was named for, our patriarch Ezequiel Leiva. The single-origin, 100% Arabica beans are roasted longer, bringing out the natural sugars of the beans to give the coffee its distinctive flavor. Abuelo means Grandfather in Spanish. Abuelo Ezquiel was an amazing God fearing man. His vision for sharing his coffee with the world is what sparked the creation of Leiva’s coffee. We are proud to flesh out his vision. Enjoy our Abuelo Fuerte for a dark Chocolate, vanilla and oak notes with a bold finish.

Breakfast Blend: A medium roast, bright taste & amazing body, making it the perfect blend for a morning wake-up.


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