Senator Sanders visits North Little Rock

Bernie visits The Old Mill at T. R. Pugh Memorial Park, one of North Little Rock’s most iconic landmarks.

Among the many worthy historic moments of early 2021, the memes surrounding Senator Bernie Sanders at the inauguration of President Joe Biden have been a…strange, but welcome, comedic moment. So we invited Bernie to a tour of North Little Rock, Arkansas*. We highly recommend the Bernie tour for visitors and residents (fold-up chairs, gloves and coat not included). *This is satire.

First stop: murals in downtown North Little Rock

Senator Sanders had heard all about the beautiful new murals popping up in North Little Rock’s Argenta Arts District, so we had to show him. Among his favorites was the “fox” mural by Jessica Jones at Olive Street and E. Broadway Street.

Second stop: Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum

Though the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is not currently giving tours of the submarine USS Razorback or tugboat, USS Hoga, the senator had a great time hearing all about the great history of these two vessels. He graciously shook hands with those visiting the indoor museum exhibit, full of memorabilia and artifacts from America’s rich naval history.

Fourth stop: American Pie Pizza

By this time, we were all feeling a bit peckish and American Pie Pizza was the perfect solution. It’s unclear why Senator Sanders refused to sit in comfort, under the tents with outdoor heaters, but we were all too busy digging into scrumptious pizza and salads to ask.

Fifth Stop: Arkansas River Trail

We showed the senator all of the natural beauty North Little Rock has to offer. We drove through Burns Park and stopped at Rockwater Marina to show him why the 15-mile Arkansas River Trail is a popular ride for cyclists, and makes people want to visit and live in North Little Rock. We don’t know what it is about that red covered bridge, but everyone, including Senator Sanders, just has to get a photo in front of it!

Last stop: Flyway Brewing

We finished the day with s’mores and cold brews at Flyway Brewing‘s Chalet Lane. Maybe because it was a little later in the day and temps were dropping, but we finally convinced him to at least sit inside the heated greenhouse.

Overall, we think Senator Sanders enjoyed his visit to North Little Rock. Though it was hard to tell, his stance didn’t change much throughout the day.