Event Pics: Firefighter Challenge North Little Rock

Firefighters from around the country converged in North Little Rock Thursday, September 8, 2022 – Saturday, September 8, 2022, to compete in the globally-recognized Firefighter Challenge that will be held at the Dickey-Stephens Park parking lot at 400 West Broadway Street. The public, along with aspiring firefighters, attended this free, family-friendly event hosted by the City of North Little Rock Fire Department and the North Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Challenge participants ran the skills-based course tackling what are known as the Five Essential Functions™ wearing full turnout gear and a self-contained breathing apparatus provided by 3M™ Scott™ Air-Pak™. Participants, in head-to-head, individual, and tandem competitions, simulated the physical demands of real-life firefighting by climbing the five-story tower, hoisting, chopping, dragging hoses, and rescuing a life-sized, 175-pound “victim” as they race against themselves, their opponents and the clock.