Haunted Arkansas Tours returns to North Little Rock

Formerly known as “Haunted Argenta Tours,” the newly-named Haunted Arkansas Tours returns to North Little Rock this fall with its popular family-friendly Haunted Argenta Walking Ghost Tours and adults only Boos & Brews.

Sure, there’s some focus on ghostly stories (hence “haunted”) but these are also family-friendly, informative tours about North Little Rock’s history, myths and legends.

As the tour guides like to say: “While we can’t guarantee anything, you never know; you may come face to face with a ghost!”

Haunted Arkansas Tours are guided by Paul Prater and Amy Jones, both well-versed in the theater and history needed to create an entertaining experience. Haunted Arkansas Tours started in 2012 when Paul took over a ghost tour that his friend, Edward Underwood, had started in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Five years later, Paul was living in North Little Rock, researching the history of Argenta and finding stories of its spooky and troubled past. With the help of the North Little Rock History Commission, it didn’t take long to collect the stories and the history and put it all together into an entertaining and educational tour. 

About Haunted Argenta Ghost Tours

Haunted Argenta Ghost Tours resume Thursday, September 30, and are available through Saturday, November 6. These 1.5-hour walking ghost tours tell the stories of the town’s history from the time of its founding through the rebirth and revival. Why do some think it is haunted? You will learn about the original buildings, most of which still stand, the stories connected to those buildings and the inhabitants – some of whom never left.

About Boos & Brews (21+)

Boos & Brews runs Wednesday, October 6, through Wednesday, November 3. This two-hour ghost tour focuses on vices, murder and the more lascivious side of North Little Rock. It includes going into two haunted locations and seance work in the style of Victorian seance mediums. Maybe something or someone will join you? Due to the nature of the stories, and because the tour includes bars, this tour is strictly 21+.


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