National Travel & Tourism Week in North Little Rock

You may not be able to get out and enjoy all North Little Rock has to offer right now, but we can still inspire you for when it’s safe out there again for travel! This week marks National Travel and Tourism Week, which honors the spirit of travel in recognition of the industry’s strength, selflessness and resiliency.

Why is travel and tourism important for North Little Rock?

In North Little Rock, the travel and tourism industry:

  • Saves each North Little Rock household more than $1,000 in taxes every year
  • Employs more than 3,400
  • Generates revenue for North Little Rock restaurants, hotels, attractions, gas stations, transportation services, small businesses and more.

I have friends or family in the travel and tourism industry. What can I do to show support right now?

The spirit of travel isn’t only found in far-off places. When residents embrace the spirit of travel by supporting local businesses and helping their neighbors, they are also playing a key role in rebuilding their community—and America. Small acts can make a difference, such as purchasing a gift certificate from a local hotel as a special birthday or anniversary gift, booking a summer or fall staycation and planning ahead for family and friend visits.

When it’s all over, don’t forget to SHARE your positive experiences through review sites, social media and word-of-mouth!

Local restaurants still need your support right now. Try ordering curbside or delivery from your favorite restaurants this week.

What can visitors do and see while in North Little Rock?

If you’re a resident, you can probably think of a few big things – The Old Mill, Simmons Bank Arena, Dickey-Stephens Park. But what else is there?

It’s important to remember not every visitor is here for leisure: in fact, many are here for other reasons, such as sports tournaments at Burns Park, a conference, business meetings or a reunion. They may be here for different reasons, but they all have one thing in common: they gotta eat. Fortunately, North Little Rock offers a great variety for dining, and it’s one of the top things people love about our city. Other activities visitors enjoy are shopping, sightseeing, light outdoor activity and local culture.

I want to show support for North Little Rock this week!

  • Have friends in the restaurant industry? Order curbside or delivery this week and share your experience on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Have friends in the hotel industry? Purchase a gift certificate. Send your hospitality friends words of encouragement and check on them.
  • Add the “NLR Happy Face” frame to your Facebook profile photo (click Update, then Add Frame)
  • Participate in U.S. Travel Association’s #VirtualRoadTrip by sharing your favorite North Little Rock photos with the hashtag #VirtualRoadTrip (feel free to use the ones below!). Note: These are “virtual” stops to inspire future travel. Many of these are still closed to the public.
The Old Mill at T. R. Pugh Memorial Park

What is a “CVB”? You’re the Chamber, right?

CVB stands for “Convention & Visitors Bureau.” In a nutshell, our job is to promote the city of North Little Rock and attract out-of-town visitors to fill our hotels, restaurants and attractions through advertising, marketing and direct sales. We work with our friends at the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce regularly on various events and projects, but we are different entities and play different roles in economic development.

When the time is right, the travel and tourism industry will be integral to our recovery—for the economy and jobs. But it is the spirit of travel that will heal our morale.