National Travel & Tourism Week

The travel and tourism industry is big in North Little Rock, but did you know how big? As part of National Travel & Tourism Week, here are some fun facts about the local impact of travel.

Did you know…

  • The travel industry delivers $487.6 million in economic output to North Little Rock annually? Travelers not only stay in hotels, eat in restaurants and visit attractions, they spend money at gas stations, stores and other local businesses.
  • 76 percent of employed Americans say a firsthand experience is instrumental in forming impressions of a community? Travel matters to new experiences, from enjoying the scenery at Emerald Park or trying a different restaurant in the Argenta Arts District.
  • Tourism employs 3,445 and produces $92.2 million in payroll in North Little Rock? From servers at restaurants to hotel managers, locals at the front-line of service and behind-the-scenes keep North Little Rock’s tourism industry going and ensure visitors have an awesome experience.
  • Tourism keeps us connected? Think about our airports, highways, public transportation like Rock Region METRO and other local infrastructure that allow us to travel and explore.
  • Studies show workers who use their time off to travel see a 22% jump in happiness with their health, versus those who stay home during time off? Vacations can reduce stress, improve heart health and create a stronger connection with loved ones.
  • More than half of leisure travel is to visit friends and family? When North Little Rock residents take pride in where they live, they become ambassadors by promoting their community to loved ones. Whether it’s taking them to an Arkansas Travelers game or sharing pride on social media, these actions encourage others to visit and love North Little Rock too.
  • The majority of adults (62%) say their earliest memories were of family vacations taken when they were between ages 5 and 10? Vacations have a long-lasting impact and are critical to families, offering quality time together away from the stress of busy lives.