North Little Rock announces Maly Entertainment Center

Visitors to North Little Rock will soon have a fun new attraction to enjoy. The City of North Little Rock announced its newest economic development venture, Maly Entertainment Center, which will be similar to T-Shotz in Kansas City.

The $28 million project will be located on 30-acres formerly owned by Wild River Country on Crystal Hill Road.

“We are thrilled to welcome Malys Entertainment Center to North Little Rock. As an avid golfer, I am pleased Dr. Thomas chose North Little Rock to showcase T-Time, HyperLanes and all of the other attractions the entertainment center will offer all of Central Arkansas, surrounding areas as well as visitors to our city. Economic Development in North Little Rock has an exciting momentum and innovative possibilities.” said Mayor Terry C. Hartwick.

Photo courtesy of City of North Little Rock

The high-tech center will have something for everyone: T-Time golf, an electronic driving range; HyperLanes bowling, a virtual arcade as well as restaurants, specialty shops and more.