North Little Rock opens Argenta Outdoor Dining District

The Argenta Outdoor Dining District, approved by the North Little Rock City Council on June 8, has officially opened in downtown North Little Rock. The district is in effect seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The district includes Main Street from 8th Street to Broadway, 4th Street from Maple to Poplar, and Argenta Plaza. The North Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau will have the option to include or exclude Argenta Plaza due to private or special events. 

District boundaries were marked on sidewalks Thursday. 
Crush Wine Bar has added seating in front of their establishment for patrons to enjoy outdoor dining.
Participating locations have a window sticker to let patrons know they may leave with a drink if the business sells alcohol, or may enter with a drink if the business does not.

The North Little Rock CVB marked district boundaries and delivered window decals and information to Main Street businesses on Thursday. 

The Argenta Downtown Council, City of North Little Rock and the North Little Rock CVB worked in tandem to get the ordinance passed as quickly as possible to assist businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Outdoor dining will allow restaurants and bars to socially distance more customers and patrons will be able to carry and consume alcoholic beverages within the district.

More restaurants and bars in Argenta, such as Four Quarter Bar, are planning to participate when they reopen. Brood & Barley, opening this week, will also participate. 

Argenta Outdoor Dining District boundaries are marked on sidewalks to help patrons know when they are entering or leaving the district.

The outdoor dining district is the latest in efforts by North Little Rock Mayor Joe A. Smith and the City of North Little Rock to assist small businesses. Any restaurants throughout the city are encouraged to pursue outdoor dining with minimal red tape from the City to take in more customers during this time.

Participating locations include: