Sudduth fills new NLRCVB tourism development position

The North Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau (NLRCVB) announced today that Scott Sudduth, previously Vice President of Sales & Marketing, will transition into NLRCVB’s new role of Vice President of Tourism Development.

Sudduth will develop tourism product and services in North Little Rock, optimize relationships to increase engagement with the hospitality industry and continue to supervise the sales and marketing team.

“Since coming on board three years ago, Scott has been an excellent ambassador for the North Little Rock tourism industry, forging relationships between our staff and our partners,” said Bob Major, NLRCVB President & CEO. “With his extensive hospitality experience and engaging personality, he will help further enhance visitor experience in North Little Rock.”

Scott volunteers at local nonprofit Our House, providing hospitality training.

North Little Rock receives more than 1.6 million annual visitors who spend $487.6 million in direct tourism expenditures every year, according to the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism.

Sudduth is a Paris, Arkansas, native who has previously worked as a destination brand trainer and state coordinator for the Arkansas Hospitality Association’s “Welcome to Arkansas” program. He was chosen as a “meeting professional to watch” by Convention South Magazine and was inducted into the Arkansas Hospitality Association’s Hall of Fame. For twenty years, he served as director of marketing for Performance Food Group.

In his spare time, Scott is a talented painter. Pictured with local artist, Barry Thomas, who owns a studio in the Argenta Arts District of North Little Rock.